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LuLu’s Clues

Not to be outdone, LuLu now has her own section of the blog.



1. Lieu - July 25, 2007

Slept with that poodle in the crate last night and I don’t mind telling you that SOMEONE needs a bath. Can’t believe all the excitement I have generated here, especially after that unfortunate pee accident in the living room. What does ‘bad dog’ mean anyway? Lieu

2. Beacon - July 26, 2007

Lieu, let it not bother you. Boy doggys always stink. Its that whole pee on yourself thing.

3. Lieu - August 16, 2007

I sure get blamed for a lot of piddling and I just know that Rookie is behind it. He just sits there smugly while I get tossed out the back door. I mean, I’m just doing my part to keep Mom entertained. Maybe Rookie is upset because he is having to eat puppy chow for a year. Or maybe because I am chewing up all his toys.

4. Opal Smith - August 25, 2007

kEEP TALKING Lieu ,I love this untill you get here & i can talk to you but i won’t slieght Rookie cause he’s very important too .Love Gramma

5. prairiewoman - August 25, 2007

Grandma, Rookie never told me a girl can get in trouble around her for piddling on the carpet. He just sits there and smiles when I get booted out the back door. What does ‘bad dog’ mean anyway? LIEU

6. Beacon - August 26, 2007

Lieu, when you hear “bad dog” it means you are supposed to stop and immediately pee wherever you happen to be. Trust me, I wouldn’t lead you wrong here.

7. LIEU - September 2, 2007

Beacon: Been there done that. I think you are fibbing. Anyway, I’m in deep doodoo now as yesterday my foodhandler found her brand spanking new phone charger cord chewed into about 15 itty bitty pieces. I can’t understand why she suspects me. Then tonight ‘someone’ chewed up the earpiece of the foodhandlers eyeglasses. I know for a fact it was that little black dog they call Bear. He blends into the night and he found them on the deck tonight. Everyone wondered why he was so quietly chewing on something. At least it wasn’t me this time. WHEW

8. Lieu - September 16, 2007

I don’t understand what all the excitement was about today. Just cause I found a big fat yellow electrical cord for the workers fan in the new laundry room renovation. Then there was that nice hanging plant my foodhandler (FH) got from her Aunt Lois. Green stuff is good for you right? Oh yeah, and since my FH doesn’t like me piddling on the rug I found a new place, the kitchen tile floor. She found it while walking int he dark. I heard yelling words. Must go to bed now & think up new things to destroy tomorrow.

9. prairiewoman - March 3, 2008

Pssssst. Beacon. I’m in trouble again. My Momma found a piece of peeling wallpaper and went to get the glue to fix it. While she was gone I decided to jump up and tear that pesky piece of wallpaper from the wall. Looks much better. LuLu

10. Annie & Halo - August 4, 2008

LuLu: Our mom visited your mom’s computer-thing and said you asked what ‘bad dog’ means. Our mom says it too after we go on the soft floor and we think it must mean we are not going enough, and that is why she gets upset, but we are only 4 months old so we will let you know for sure when we find out.

11. lulu - August 4, 2008

Dear Annie & Halo: Yeah, I hear that bad dog thing a lot. I have figured out that when you hear that, if you cringe and look at Rookie, your humanperson will think that he did it. So make sure you have someone to blame. LuLu

12. Beacon - September 28, 2008

Dear LuLu, how are things going on there on the prairie? My food handler drug me up here to New Jersey without so much as asking my opinion. I nearly stayed behind but thought better of it. Not sure about these winters up here!

13. lulu - September 28, 2008

Beacon: You will love the snow. I bounce through it like a bunny rabbit but my favorite part is to eat that white stuff as a snack. Rookie doesn’t care for it much. Our food handler gets all dressed up in these big bulky coveralls and coat, muffler, gloves and then digs out a path across the deck and a nice round space in the yard so we can do our thing. Isn’t she great?

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