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Happy New Year 2009 January 4, 2009

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Since we are well into the new year, I thought I had better post some Christmas 2008 photos.  These photos are from the gallery of Christmas trees inside the Bennett County Courthouse. Local groups and businesses decorated the trees and it really turned out well. The party pictures are from the Christmas program at the Inland Theater.  I took a short video of the Presbyterian Choir singing but for some reason it wouldn’t load on YouTube.  They sounded beautiful.  The Claussen family really did a nice thing putting together the program.  Thank you Shirley, Bob, & Steve.



1. Chris Brame - November 29, 2009

Hi Roseanna,

I drove through Martin back in 1986 when I was on my way to visit the reservation in Pine Ridge – nice little town. I remember seeing the Inland Theatre and I made a listing for it at the cinematreasures.org movie theater history website, but there hasn’t been much info posted in response. You mentioned the Inland is still in use for movies and church – how often do they run movies there? Do you have any photos of the outside of the theater? I only took one shot of downtown, but no close-ups.

It’s been fun visiting your site and seeing Martin again after 23 years. Thanks for hosting it!


Chris Brame

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