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South Dakota Blizzard November 6, 2008 November 11, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in News from the Rez.


OK, so I was supposed to go to Rapid City for an appointment on Thursday and David called Wednesday morning, November 5th and said that the snow was coming so I had best get up to Rapid City early.  I tossed the two 4-legged kids into the car after calling Safe Haven Pet Resort http://www.safehavenpetresort.com/ and headed for the Black Hills.  It rained all the way except for a few flakes in Yellow Bear Canyon.  That should have been a clue about what was to come.  So I called Dad (Mom was out to lunch with friends) and showed up on their apartment doorstep.  Later on that evening the wind came howling down the Hills and it didn’t stop all night.  The next morning I took these photos from the apartment deck.  The 78 mph winds had toppled a tree out front and socked in the entire city all day Thursday.  They started clearing the city streets Friday and Dad and I were able to go out for a paper and a loaf of bread late in the day.  The Rapid City Journal couldn’t be printed, as well as the Lakota Country Times as no one could get in.  No one came to work on Thursday so of course my appointment was canceled and the dogs had no groomer.  At least they were safe and sound at Safe Haven.  Was able to get out of RC Saturday at 12:30pm and thought I90 was opened up.  Well it was until Wall.  After that it was one lane with cars and trucks going 30mph or less in places.  The Kadoka to Martin road (HWY 73) was solid ice and snow.  I tagged behind a bulldozer which turned out to be Loren.  Got into Martin about 4pm and then got stuck in driveway entrance.  Thank goodness for neighbors Tanya and our ACE Hardware owner, Dave help.  Great to have good neighbors.  Then when I got the kidz inside, I had planned to let them out the back door.  It sure looked dark through the patio doors.  Then I opened the door and discovered a 3 foot drift blocking the door.  So had to scoop so the doggies could get out for a romp break.  Anyways, had a nice visit with the folks but it was good to get back. Thanks Mom & Dad for the birthday celebration and all the good vittles. Anna works at LaCreek Electric with Glenn. LaCreek Electric is a cooperative. Nearly the whole state is made up of Rural Electric Cooperatives or we wouldn’t have any electricity.  Anyway when we have diasters like this, cooperatives come from all over to help out. This from Anna “WE HAVE OVER 100 GUYS PLUS! OVER 600 POLES DOWN AND MANY MILES OF LINE! MANY PEOPLE WITH OUT LIGHTS!”  So folks bring food to feed the gangs of tough fellas who brave the weather to restore power.  Thing is, they can’t get to the downed poles with all the snowfall.  Life is tough on the prairie.



1. Tom Elliott - November 13, 2008

So that is what a snow shovel is for. I always wondered. hehe
Tom and Joanne in Texaas

2. prairiewoman - November 14, 2008

Oh, that is just so wrong. Yeah, I carry a snow shovel in the back of the truck, scraper, water, snacks, blanket and heavy gloves inside. I’m good to go.

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