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Roseanna Can’t Drive 55 aka: The Double Nickel Birthday November 3, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

I think birthdays just keep getting better the more you age, er I mean mature.  On Saturday, Nov 1st, Sis Connie & I went to Phillip to watch Roseanna #2 play in a basketball tournament.  She is a 7th grader but plays with the 8th grade girls.  Roseanna made a basket and they won a game so it was great fun.  Lots of great game food at the concession stand. Phillip is a cute little town right on the Bad River.  Roseanna came back on the bus and Connie & I stopped In Kadoka (right on I90) and had a wonderful dinner, then headed home. Great to hang out with my Sissy.  On Nov 2nd, the big Double Nickel Day, Connie & Jackie left me  Happy Birthday songs on my voicemail.  Mom called and sang Happy Birthday, so now I know where Connie gets her singing voice.  Very well done.  As usual, I always thank my Mommie for having me 55 years ago.  Don’t want her to still hold a grudge because I weighed 9 lbs 1oz at birth. Then I called up Deb and said lets go to breakfast at the Auction Cafe. They have great breakfasts.  The pancakes are as big as a trucker’s plate. Wow!  Chris called to harrass me and said I would get a birthday dinner when I get to New Jersey in a couple of weeks. He also MENTIONED he made a birthday page for me on his web site www.ctclark.com  so I went to look and all kinds of nice folks in Texas & SoDakLand left messages.  It was so good to hear from everybody.  Brother Glenn & son Dean dropped by with a BEAUTIFUL oak shelf Glenn made from leftovers when he made my bedroom AC cabinet.  It is just gorgeous & he hung it up in the living room for me.  I’m sure he knows I can’t hang anything straight. Then there was the Cowboy game at 2:15pm but I’m not even going discuss that humiliation.  Loren, Anna & Loreena dropped by with a YUM dump cake and watched the last few minutes of the game.  Loren isn’t a Cowboys fan so he didn’t mind one bit on the outcome. David swooped me up at 6pm to go to Cho-Snazz for supper and we were joined by Deb, Anne, & Gayle.  What a wild bunch.  They all sang the B-Day song while I danced to their tune.  Of course I did this because there was no one in the restaraunt at the time. Wheeee. 



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