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Election 2008 GO OBAMA GO November 3, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Chatterboard.

Well, the birthday crowd from Cho-Snazz decided that we should have an Election Watch party so everyone is coming to my house tomorrow with pot luck.  We will watch the red & blue fight it out, pig out, and play Scrabble or Uno.  I even moved a TV into the dining room area so we don’t have to get up and watch the goings on in the living room.  All my friends and family know my story.  I was a hard nose Republican for all of my adult life.  I saw the light over a year ago and when I moved back to SoDakLand and it was time to register to vote, I fled the party and became a Democrat.  My folks were thrilled.  Got my Obama-Biden sign a couple of weeks ago but waited until after Halloween to put it up in the front yard.  Deb said she would be doing a drive by with rotten tomatoes.  So I put it in the middle of my front yard so folks can’t get to it.  SoDakLand is supposed to be Republican, which I just can’t figure out at all however there may be a turnaround with 15,000 new Democrats registered.  Anyways, I thought you might enjoy what Maxine has to say about all the hoopla.  I am ready for it all to be over.

Maxine tells it like it is!

Maxine tells it like it is!



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