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It’s Pumpkin time! October 10, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in News from the Rez.


Its here, its here. Cool air, fall colors & harvest time.  I got this chair at the Oyate Trail Sale made by the daughter of one of the locals.  She makes beautiful wooden works of art.  Chris, notice fat bird in the cage on the deck.  The same fat bird that floated down the creek behind my house in Texas.  Hes not going anywhere now. 

 Then there is the new sign that Connie gave me for my truck.  I even have new LCT shirts to wear so folks know who I am when I cross the Rez. Shameless advertising for the Lakota Country Times http://www.lakotacountrytimes.com/.  Oh yeah, and LCT has a new full E-version of their paper delivered right to your email.  Hows that for advertisement Connie!



1. Chris - October 12, 2008

I remember that fat bird. I think his twin is in the flower bed at the lake house, isn’t it? Looks like he is in a cage now so she should be safe for a while. Does the sign on your truck nwo mean that you can write the truck off on yoru income taxes???

2. Chris - October 19, 2008

I hope you are feeling better today. No Cowboy game on TV here. Not happy. Not at all.

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