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July 4 & 5, 2008 COATS Family Reunion August 3, 2008

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Dean & Opal (Coats) Smith Family at Coats Reunion July 4 & 5, 2008

Dean & Opal (Coats) Smith Family at Coats Reunion July 4 & 5, 2008

This is not all the Smith/Coats gang but most of them.  Mom is holding one of her Great Grandchildren, Sarah (Jenni’s daughter).  Brother Tim & family, Colorado and Mom & Dad stayed with me at the ‘Country House’. Brothers Tim & Glenn & BIL Manual had so many fireworks that it took two days to shoot them off, a highlight for the family.  At one point I had 26 people at my house for hamburgers, watermelon and slurpees.

This is Clyde & Jennie (Cummings) Coats, my grandparents. If you look closely Grandpa Clyde has a gun stuck in his waist band.  Like grandfather, like granddaughter. Descendants from our grandparents and Clyde & Jennie’s Coats & Cummings kin came from all over the country to chow down with the local Coats.  A good time was had by all.  I ate way 2 much.

Jennie & Clyde Coats ca. 1924

Jennie & Clyde Coats ca. 1924

Coats Family Reunion 2008 Held in Martin

By Roseanna (Smith) Renaud


On November 26, 1832 John Coats took Mary (Hayworth) Coats as his bride in Polk County Indiana.  The newlyweds, descended from two well established Quaker lines, left Indiana by ox cart traveling through Iowa to Grouse Creek, Kansas where John died at the age of 46, leaving Mary to raise their nine children (George, Martha, Thomas, Amanda, Hepsy, Charlotte, John Jr, Guston, Levi) alone.  Mary eventually settled in Mound City, Missouri, where she lived out the remainder of her life with youngest son Levi.  Dr. Gary Coats, Littleton, Colorado, son of Clyde & Lois Coats Jr of Martin and a descendent of John & Mary’s eldest son, George Washington Coats, decided it was time to honor the love and sacrifice of his Coats ancestors with a Coats Family Reunion in Martin on July 4th & 5th, 2008.  John and Mary would have been pleased to see about 300 of their descendants gather at the new American Legion Hall for a banquet, dance, picnic, and visit to the Heritage Center.  The majority of the guests were from the former Clyde & Jenny (Cummings) Coats (son of George Washington Coats) family of Martin.  Many relatives made the trip from Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and the Philippines.  Family groups represented were:

Clyde & Jenny (Cummings) Coats family (Vera, Bob, Darwin, George, Clyde Jr., Hazel, Eileen, Opal, and Fern) and the Roy and Newton Cummings families.  Rollyn & Laura Coats Family (Caryl, Jeanne); Lew & Helena Coats family (Barbara, Kay, and Tom).  Clyde, Rollyn; & Lew Coats were brothers growing up in Nebraska and South Dakota in the early days of the 20th Century.  Our Missouri Coats cousins, Cecile, Nancy and William, (grandchildren of Levi, John and Mary’s youngest child) brought a special treat to the Heritage Table display, Mary Hayworth Coat’s long black cotton Quaker dress. 



1. Beacon - August 10, 2008

Stellar looking group indeed. Who is that old bag on the left?

2. Chris - August 10, 2008

Beacon, get off that computer. Right NOW!!

3. prairiewoman - August 10, 2008

Beacon: You had best not be talking about my Mommy aka: Food Handler. Someone has to fill my water bowl. And Uncle Chris, you can’t fool me. I know Beacon can’t reach the keys without your help. Rookie

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