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Happy Mothers Day May 12, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Glenn (Kathy, Sylvia, Dean) & Connie’s clans both ventured to Rapid City on Sunday to have cake and ice cream with Mom.  I rode up with Connie so that meant an all-girl trip (Connie, Roseanna #1, Jenni, Roseanna #2)!  A nice visit was had by all.  My assistant photographer, Dean #2, took most of these photos.  I think he did a pretty good job. Doesn’t Mom look great!  I made Mommy a hot air balloon cake because her health is improving so Up, Up, and Away!

Grandma Opal, Roseanna #2, Kathy looking at Mother’s Day Cards!

Grandpa Dean poses for Grandson Dean 

‘Sisters, Sisters…Lord Help the Mister who comes between me & my sister.’ (White Christmas)

Daddy Glenn, resting after cake & ice cream.



1. Chris - May 13, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Opal! i be tyou were ready for all of those people to leave!! LOL

2. prairiewoman - May 13, 2008

I think we tired her out a bit, but we tried to not stay too long. She looks good doesn’t she. Kind of sassy with that hollywood hairdo.

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