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South Dakota Spring May 8, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in News from the Rez.

Ahhhhhhh. Spring is in the air so I thought I would show some of the backyard yard art and such.  Still trying to get my grass to grow in half of the backyard where there was bare ground so have been raking and planting grass seed again. Planted grass seed last fall after I moved in, but it is coming up in woeful patches. The other half of the yard is dandelions.  No worries about a manicured lawn here.  Finally invested in a lawnmower and had a high time with my new self propelled key-start rig. Varoom!

LuLu & Rookie relaxing on the deck in the backyard

A tiny tot wagon is a good home for an array of succulents.  Fat Bird is happy to be sitting on an old grill.  Fat Bird is happy to be anywhere really.  There was a time in Texas when he took a trip down the creek in my backyard during a flood. I happened to meet my neighbor at the convenience store a few days later.  His house was about 4 houses down the creek bed from mine. He mentioned that he gets the strangest things washed up in his yard.  In fact, he found a big fat ceramic bird. “That’s mine” I blurted, with such force that I think I scared him silly. Anyway, the next day I came home to find Fat Bird on my front porch.  Home again.  So he has had quite the journey from a Texas creekbed to moving van to South Dakota back yard.  And he keeps right on smiling!

My wood deer guarding ‘Bullet’s Garden’ of emerging flowers.  Wherever I am in the world, there will always be a ‘Bullets Garden’, the sign I made for my 4 pound poodle Bullet who passed away in 2003. He loved to roam my backyard gardens in search of the elusive butterfly or hummingbird.

A Texas birdhouse, made by a friend I used to work with in Texas, nestles  with a SD cactus gathered from my cousin Craig’s ‘Wingsprings’ property.  The other tub holds a Soapweed, very prolific in the sandhills of Nebraska.  Craig was good enough to help me dig these from his fields, all the while readying Wingsprings for his summer workshops  http://www.nativecairns.org/.

I rolled up a mat and placed it in a corner of the deck with some other things, so I could toss them when the weather was better.  A little sparrow beat me to it and took up residence at the top of the rolled up mat. So now I have to wait until the baby birdies have hatched.  Everytime I go out the back door, Momma bird flies off the nest.  You would think she had it figured out by now.

My double decker bird feeder.  You can just make out a little birdie having a snack.  The feeder is usually covered with assorted birdies.  Yellow, red heads, red breasted, black & white, and brown.  I don’t know their names but what a beautiful symphony they make.

An old sewing machine pedestal body supports a favorite bird house, parked next to my Tiny Tot Succulent Garden.

Rhubarb, planted by the previous owner, comes up on its own.  Can’t wait until they get big enough to pick and then make some Rhubarb cake or something. Must get Sis-in-law Kathy’s recipe, as she makes THE BEST RHUBARD CAKE I have ever sunk teeth into.

Women’s Sage grows in the tub with a snippet of lavender plant next to it.  Geraniums are happy next to my chicken and eggs.



1. Amy T. - May 8, 2008

Spring and spring storms have arrived here in TX. Tomatoes are planted and the birds are perched on the tomato cages ready to feast. The battle continues with the squirrels and my flowers. Looks like you’re ready for some backyard enjoyment….Love, Amy T.

2. prairiewoman - May 8, 2008

I recall the spring storms and heard you had a tad bit of snow earlier. Tomatos? I want some. Can you drop them in the mail? And here I am trying to entice squirrels to my squirrel feeder from the down the alley apiece.

3. Julie - May 9, 2008

You have such cute ideas for container gardens! I love the succulents in a wagon!

4. Chris - May 13, 2008

Everythimg looks so home-liek there. I recognze all of your stuff. FUN. I see the Texas birdhouse too

5. prairiewoman - May 13, 2008

Yes, putting all the yard art up made it feel more like home. AND, I have a grill now. Ready for the burgers!

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