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THIS JUST IN. Mom’s Catscan Shows no Cancer! April 24, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Went with Mommy to the hospital on Monday for her catscan.  You know the only improvement to the lovely barium drink she took an hour before the test is that it is citrus flavored and cold. I still say YUCK!  As always, she is quite the trooper.  Dad called me with the results Tuesday night and the catscan results are, drum roll please!


Can I get an Amen brothers & sisters?



1. Chris - May 1, 2008

Well THAT is the best news I have heard all week…. no, all month! Congratulations Opal. See, you are too feisty for cancer, huh??? Now, your job is to explain those folks up there in SD who they need to be voting for.

2. prairiewoman - May 1, 2008

I think we all know who to vote for
Unfortunately, Mom & my views are still different on that subject as she is Hilary all the way just like you Chris, however….at least I switched to Demo last year. That makes you happy doesn’t it Mommy? Roseanna

3. Loren Anna and the whole crew!!!! - May 1, 2008

We have all been overjoyed about the wonderful news!!!!!
Now you just need to get your strength and energy level up and all will be good!!!
We love you much!
Loren Anna and the whole crew!!!!

4. Sylvia - May 1, 2008

AAAAAAMEN!!! (^^) <—(my happy face) You don’t even know how relieved and happy I am! Or maybe you do, and in that case, ISN’T IT A GREAT FEELIN’?! *sh, I’m in computer class writing this, because I really just could NOT wait* I can’t stop smiling! Congratulations Gramma! *BIG HUG* Can’t wait to see you next time and celebrate somehow! -okay, I should go now, here comes the teacher. hee hee.

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