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LuLu in Pet Idol Contest April 8, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Ms. Lulu is entered in the 3rd Annual Pet Idol contest sponsored by the Rapid City Journal.  Her photo (below) was featured in a special pullout edition of the April 4, 2008 Rapid City Journal (along with the 264  other contestants). This event benefits the Journal’s Reading & Education project.  All votes must be received by noon on Thursday, April 17th.  The Journal will then narrow the field of pets down to 12.  The Final 12 will appear in the Rapid City Journal beginning Thursday, April 24th.


Some of you voted for LuLu and didn’t even know it as I donated $1 (4 votes) in your honor.  

LuLu wishes to thank her wonderful 2-legged friends & family who voted for her:

Dean & Opal Smith, Chris Clark, Gary & Mel Crow, Judy Ransom, Jackie Tahbone, Glenn Smith, Tim Smith, Connie Blanco, & David Farmer

3rd Annual Pet Idol Contest

LuLu Renaud showing off her \'innocent\' look!



1. prairiewoman - April 8, 2008

Beacon: What do you think about all that? Can you believe she sent in this picture & competing against cats, ferrets, and birds? It really is a dogs life. Love, LuLu
p.s. Rookie is so jealous!

2. prairiewoman - April 8, 2008

Beacon: Well! She sure didn’t enter my picture. What gives? Rookie

3. Marisol - April 10, 2008

Lulu is so cute!!!!!!! My dog is in the competition as well……I would like to know when the pictures are going to be posted in the internet.

4. prairiewoman - April 10, 2008

Marisol: Which one is your baby? Isn’t his fun. I don’t know when they will be posted although there is a link for all the contestants. Roseanna

5. Marisol - April 10, 2008

Hi Roseanna!!!!! My baby is Blue (#2),she is a Blue Merle Border Collie,and she is 10 months old.I was wondering if George (#6) is her brother,I know she has a brother from Sturgis and they look so much alike,but I never saw him before….well, I guess all I can do is maybe a brother and sister test…hahahaha…At least I know where her mom and dad are….
Everyday I go to the Pet Idol website but everytime I click on “view the contestants“ nothing come out.I don`t know if its a page error or maybe they haven`t post anything yet……Could you send me the link…just in case I`m not doing it right? Well ,nice to talk to you Roseanna…

6. Marisol - April 10, 2008

George is the #13,sorry I went to the wrong brother..hehehehe,don`t you think they look like each other….? I mean,they are the same breed but its like the same facial expresions……I don`t know…..maybe is my desire for find her siblings.

7. Beacon - April 13, 2008

Good God! Rookie, I think it is a conspiracy. My food handler ran off and left me – somehting about better opportunities or something. havent seen him in weeks. What gives?

8. prairiewoman - April 13, 2008

Beacon: I got news for you girl. Your food handler has taken up permament residence in New Jersey. The upside is that this means more kibble for you. The downside is, you had best invest in some snow booties. Rowf! Rookie

9. prairiewoman - April 24, 2008

Beacon: I wasn’t in the top 12 which came out in the paper today, but there were some ‘hot’ puppies there just the same. LuLu

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