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Ode to Chris April 1, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

My friend Chris has taken a position with NRT http://www.nrtinc.com/index.html and will be moving to New Jersey. 


Chris visiting South  Dakota in November 2007

I’ve also added a few new SoDakLand snow pics & a video to get him in the mood for his sojourn to a snow state.  Cold weather tip #1: Buy a warm parka, Cold weather tip #2: Buy warm snow boots & fuzzy hat, Cold weather tip #3: Keep lots of hot chocolate on hand.  Read his farewell comments below.

“Dear CBDFW Friends,

After over 16 of the most fantastic and rewarding years anyone could ask for, I am writing to let you know that tomorrow will be my last regular day with our Dallas/Fort Worth operation.       I have accepted a promotion with NRT that requires that I relocate to our New Jersey-based national headquarters.  I have made so many great friends over the years here and I have never imagined that I would ever depart the comfort of our CBDFW family, much less get to experience the transferee’s side of a 1700 mile Cartus relocation move.    As bittersweet of a decision as it is for me,  this is an opportunity that will allow me to make a larger contribution to NRT as a whole and I am extremely excited about that.   Warmly, Chris”


View from Roseanna’s driveway on April 1st


Mother Nature’s April Fools Day snow



1. Chris - April 2, 2008

Well, let the journey begin. You can read about the changes in my life, now that I can make them public, on my website at http://www.ctclark.com . I hope I dont get caught in that snow storm on the way up north.

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