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Super Bowl Sunday February 4, 2008

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Friends & family gathered at my place for Super Bowl 42 and mass quantities of food, food, & more food. A shout out to Chris for his menu suggestions. Cousin Craig dropped in after teaching a class in Kyle.  Glenn & Dean dropped in after a heavy day of fishing and brought me some catch of the day.  Kathy came but Sylvia was still feeling a bit under the weather with that old Flu bug.  Friend David , fellow Bennett County High School alum brought much humor and wisdom to the day.  Lively conversation came from divided team support, Craig & Glenn for NY and David & I & sometimes Dean for the Patriots.  Kathy was for the food!  It was strange having Cowboy fan Craig on the other side. We celebrated several February birthdays with a football cake (Kathy, Dean & David) blow out.  A good time held by all.  I sure missed my usual Texas team supporters, Chris & Lee .

Super Bowl 42

The Chocolate Football

Eli Manning

The TV screen says it all

Craig, Glenn & Dean

Craig & Glenn contemplating the latest play while Glenn tickles Dean for cheering the Patriots

David & Kathy

David, Kathy & LuLu

Glenn & Dean

Disagreement between fans

Kathy, Rookie, LuLu

Kathy, Rookie & LuLu cheer for more food

February Birthdays

The February Birthday Crowd



1. Tom Elliott - February 4, 2008

damn giants… first stole the limelight from the deserving Cowboys,, then ruined the perfect season for the pats…. but Rose had the food………..

2. Chris - February 10, 2008

OMG Look at all of that food. That would have been worth driving 1300 miles for. Seeing all of you guys there watching the game makes me homesick for our football parties.

Next week me, Eric, Rachel, Sarah, Gary, Mel, Alyssa, and Sugar are all going to the Villages on Lake Palestine. You remember the place. The improvements they were working on there last March when we went are complete and now they have an indoor waterpark. I also think I was able to get into the Presidential Club units by the Marina. Will know for sure when we get there.

Have a great week, miss you. Chris

3. prairiewoman - February 13, 2008

I am so jealous that you guys are going to be partying en masse without me. UNO just isn’t the same without my cheating.

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