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Look Who Dropped in For Halloween November 1, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Do you know this guy?  That’s Chris under the costume.  Seems he wanted to spend my birthday with me this year.  What a wonderful gift he is.  And all the while he had a secret blog and pics of his 1000 mile trip under the pumpkin on his site





1. Chris - November 1, 2007

Well when I got to Oklahoma CIty I was already tired of driving and wanted to turn aroud, but I pressed on. Darkness fell as I crossed the Kansas line and I pressed on, stopping in Hays Kansas for the night.

Yes, Martin is as small as Roseanna has described it to be, and also very friendly. Very clearly, Roseanna’s place is the social hub of the Smith family tree, which seems to include 500 of the 1000 residents here. And word travels fast in these parts.

You can keep up with the trip and our excursion tomorrow to Rapid City by checking my website at http://www.ctclark.com .

2. Gary & Mel - November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is awesome!

3. prairiewoman - November 5, 2007

Thank you Gary & Mel. This was the best birthday present EVER! Imagine my heartstopping surprise when Chris calls me to chat and then tells me to go to the front door where he commences to honk his horn. We had the best Halloween with friends & family, a wonderful bday lunch Friday at Red Lobster in Rapid City courtesy of Dad & Mom (cake afterwards of course), then it was off to the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore, Hill City (Prairie Berry Winery’s new digs), Custer, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, and finally Wall Drug Store in the middle of the Badlands off I90. I don’t think Chris was quite prepared for that place but the food was good and they have the best pie and cake donuts anywhere! Did you know he sneaked out of my house about 6:30am Sunday? I was trying to be very quiet and creeping around so I wouldn’t wake him up and then I discover he was GONE. That boy made good time and drove straight through to Dallas, arriving just in time for the Cowboys game at 7:15 Big D time. I used to drive like that when I was a youngster and stationed at San Antonio while in the Army, but this was just crazy. Nobody else try the one day turnaround por favor. I am glad you made it home safely Chris. Roseanna

4. Chris Clark - November 9, 2007

I am too! I had a terrific time! Everyone there was awesome.

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