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LuLu’s 1st Haircut October 28, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends, LuLu, Rookie.

LuLu’s 1st Haircut 

Dad & LuLu at Safe Haven Pet Resort

LuLu & Rookie traveled to Rapid City on Thursday and stayed overnight at the Safe Haven Pet Resort http://www.safehavenpetsitting.com/ .  Since there are no groomers in Martin, this was a wonderful option. I could spend time with the folks while the kidz frolicked in a fun atmosphere and were pampered with a new ‘do’. Safe Haven is just around the corner and down the road a piece from the folk’s apartment. This was LuLu’s first haircut. You may have noticed that Lieu has changed her name to LuLu. Since LuLu is really Mom’s doggie (I’m just the keeper of the food), Mom felt that Lieu was not a girl’s name. She tried to call her Polly but LuLu refused to answer to that. So we came to a compromise and LuLu loves her new name just fine.  Back to Martin on Friday with a full load of dogz and goodies from Walmart. And oh yes, my lovely iced Carmel Machiado from Starbucks. The only obstacle was I found myself driving the zigzag shortcut home in the dark across the rez. The folks tried to tell me that night falls early up here in fall & winter. So must leave Rapid City by 2 or 3pm for the 120 mile return trip. Since it has been in the 30s at night here, I finally accomplished my goal and found a wonderful WARM winter coat in the men’s department at Herbergers in the mall. Now I’m ready. No wait, still don’t have my snow shovel.

Rookie & LuLu

Rookie & LuLu with the Great Pumpkin



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