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Who is that new gal in town? September 8, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

I’ve been here in Martin over a week now.  The moving van has come and gone on Sunday, September 2nd.  I had no idea that a semi could hold that much ‘stuff’. Where did it all come from. 35 years of packrat behavior I guess. Anyway, boxes everywhere but slowly putting up the essentials.  Rookie & Lieu have explored the house & yard and have left their approval in the grass out back. I guess since they saw all their furniture was here, they felt right at home. Found me a great yard guy and contractor so have new carpet on the outside porch, new street address sign (thanks to UPS) and the front door is getting a facelift. No reason the front can’t look good even though the inside is a disaster.  I now have a spanking new hand rail leading up to my upstairs office. Went to Rapid City yesterday with brother Glenn and we made a day of it.  Took lunch to Mom & Dad and then Mom and I went off for the great Walmart adventure. I know you are supposed to buy local, but my cart was heaping, dragging, and leaning when I left.  Had to get the essentials. Capped off the day with a Starbucks at the mall. Glenn wasn’t too sure about the cuppacino so will try a latte on him next time. Will spend  2 days in Rapid City next week and accompany Mom for her treatment. She is doing well and is quite sporty in her head scarfs.



1. Chris - September 9, 2007

I cant wait to see the picture take in the newspaper where they change the number on the Martin City Limit sign by adding a number to it. Sounds like you are getting settled.

2. Bobbie Jean - September 10, 2007

Hey there! Sounds like you’re right in the middle of “mover’s rediscovery”! You know, when you find things that have been missing and you finally find them as you are unpacking….. … … . . … . . …. Tell your Mom Hi! for me. What sort of cancer is she battling? Mom’s is breast/liver/brain/liver, for over 7 years now. She’s in the Rapid City hospital now with a blocked intestine and will be there most of next week too. If you need a walk when your Mom is getting her chemo, you can always walk over and go see Mom, room 1015. That would be a nice surprise for her. Oh, by the way, did you go see DeeAnn while you were at the mall? She works at Herberger’s during the day and Shopko after that. She’s REALLY lost weight, some 80+ pounds. Well, welcome home and I’m hoping to see you when we come through Martin on our way to Gordon sometime soon. :~}

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