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Made It to South Dakota August 30, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

8-28-07  (8am) Mansfield to (4pm)Hesston, KS

8-29-07  (6:30am) Hesston, KS to (4pm)Martin, SD

Over 900 miles of hard driving but arrived in Martin, SD Wednesday in time to catch Connie & Manual at work. Who says you can’t travel with two small dogs and assorted crapola. Lieu wasn’t quite sure she should use the restroom in the other states we passed through. As soon as I get a new phone that works on the prairie will let you know the number. If all goes well will be in the new abode on Sat or Sun. Pictures of wild confusion to follow.



1. Anna - August 30, 2007

I’m gald you made it home. I hope to see you in the next couple days. We can help if you need anything. Carson will be home this week-end for a visit! So I will make sure he visits you!
Love you

2. Roseanna - August 31, 2007

Anna: It was good to see you today and learn of electrical stuff. 🙂 Yes, Carson had not better leave town w/o saying hello. You never know when you might need a big strong strapping fella to lift something. 🙂 Judy told me the packers started at 9am and finished at 3:30pm so pretty darn good. The big rig comes at 8:30 tomorrow and then they head directly to Martin. They have a 2 day window of sat or sun so we shall see.

3. Chris - August 31, 2007

I saw all of the boxes. Judy is buried underneath them but I could hear her groan so she is still alive, no worries. We are trying to find which box the packers packed Judy’s little dog in. We canhear him bark, but can’t tell where its coming from. Send him back if he makes it up there. We already miss you.

4. Roseanna - September 1, 2007

Hey Chris, u left Judy w/o a bed or place to stay. I think Janie & Bear took her in. When I last talked to her she was eating well at their place. Movers came at 8:30am and left about 4pm Dallas time. Judy let me talk to ‘George’ the mover. He & his son took showers at my place (and had their own towels/my kind of men) before they hit the road & said they hoped to be in Martin on Sunday. Closed on house at 10:30am this morning at the lawyer’s,, then lots of the usual running around at the courthouse, insurance, tv/internet/phone etc. Went out to dinner with Connie & Manual & bro Glenn & little Dean at Markota Acres to celebrate home ownership. Fryer was broken but we made the most of it. I miss you guys 2. You want me to run the people out next door in the yellow house?

5. Roseanna - September 1, 2007

Chris: I have moved your room down to the 70’s room on the ‘guest’ side of the house. It has 70s orange/yellow wallpaper & orange shag carpet. Way cool! I needed the bigger space over the garage for my home office/ebay room.

6. Chris - September 1, 2007

I know. I called Judy and realized her bed was gone. But she said she was staying at Bear and Janies so all was well. I didn’;t even think about her bed being taken – I dont know where my head was other than I was trying not to think about the whole thing at all I guess. I bet closings are different in a small down than down here, huh? I can only imagine. Is my room now the converted garage? You know I don’t do shag.

7. Roseanna - September 2, 2007

No, you have your choice of the purple Opal’s room, yellow, or 70’s Suite. 🙂 The 70’s Suite has orange shag carpeting and a complimenting wall of orange and yellow flowers. Despite the flashback, it is way retro cool. Don’t worry, there are many rooms for you to choose from. Lots of work to do while the winter snow settles on the ground. Met with Manual’s BIL today regarding a few small things to be done. #1 a handrail up to my garage office. It has more space & storage so I decided to put my office up above with a few of the prairie to the west. Got a call from George, the Allied Moving guy at about 6pm and he was in North Platte, NE. He thought they might continue on to Valentine, NE & then come on in to Martin in the morning. Hope I can get my additional 2 work crew guys down there. George has promised me a 1 hour call ahead to make ready. Apparently Judy has told George & son all about me and they all adore each other. He was real tickled when I told him I hired 2 additional guys. George has to drop this load and be in Deluth by Monday. That is a big haul. Mine is the only load on board from Dallas. Did I mention the high drama when Lieu chewed up my NEW phone charger into 15 little pieces? More high drama tonight when I dropped my glasses on the deck in the dark and one of the Three Amigos chewed off one of the ear pieces. I like clear scotch tape anyway.

8. Guess! - September 3, 2007

Just a voice from your past……..30 odd years ago. As a born and bred South Dakotan I would like to welcome you back to ‘our hometown’!
You know, I lived in Martin for 34 years & 20 days and I never ever was closer than the highway to ‘Gunner’s’ house, now your new home. It was always like a big, fat mystery, “I wonder how the dentist lives?” Well, now that our ages have passed the 50 yr. mark, I could care less how he and Nancy lived, I just hope you got a nice house at a good price!!!!
Remember the new saying……….”I’m over 50, so I can do/say anything I damn well want to!” (or something like that). Now, we’re all going to have to get together and keep your ‘Texas acclimated’ body from freezing, because if you’re cold now you are going to be in big trouble in a few months, except for the fact that I’m 5 hours away from you. That will make it harder to do!!
Now, to answer your question…..It’s me, Welcome Back, Bobbie

9. Chris - September 3, 2007

Well Judy did a fabulous job and cleaning up the Mansfield house. It looks like it is in “move in” condition. I walked through quickly when I got back from Arrowhead this afternoon. All is well.

It was great to hear from you today and glad that all of your stuff got there in once piece, even if your glasses are not.

Don’t forget to set up your voice mail.

Love ya,

10. Judy Katz - September 7, 2007

I am sorry that I did not get to see you before you left, but I have no doubt that you will have a wonderful life up there in Martin. It could not have been easy to travel with 2 “four legged” children all that way. I did not know if you have been keeping up with Cindy, but alot has changed at the Property room since you and I have left. Eric Webb was replaced by your “friend” Ken Seguin, who has been replaced by Capt. McClain. I will see her next week and get the new lowdown.

You will be missed down here in Texas…Take care

11. Roseanna - September 8, 2007

Judy: Well I knew about Seguin but not McClain. Interesting huh? Yes, two 4 legged kids was a lot of fun, especially in a motel room and you don’t know who to walk first. Can’t walk them together as little miss Lieu likes to play and not take care of business. Kids. What can you do.

12. Chris - September 9, 2007

McClain at the auto pound? (cough cough). How special.

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