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Until We Meet Again August 23, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

When you have friends like these, you are truly rich.

Chris & Roseanna

Chris & Roseanna on board The Radience of the Sea.

Jackie & Roseanna

Jackie & Roseanna at La Madeline

Candy & Roseanna

Roseanna & Candy at Macaroni Grill.

Don & Roseanna

Don V., fellow South Dakotan & retired Cedar Hill Cop

Harrol & Roseanna

Harrol, owner of The Jewelry Box in Cedar Hill, Texas and my DPD & EBay buddie.

Harrol at Work

Harrol at work at the Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Gang

Harrol’s wife Cheryl & Tyna


Don, retired cop and Ebay Buddy at the Jewelry Box. Don, Harrol’s friend,  just moved back to McKinney from Las Vegas.

Judy & her Dad

Judy & her Dad

Willy & the Chicken Snake

This is Willy. Judy said “Hey we found out why we weren’t getting as many eggs.  This hungry chicken snake was growing larger and larger because of our eggs.  Now you know why I don’t go feed the outside chickens, Huh?????”

Cari, David & Jackie in Kerrville

Cari, David & Jackie in Kerrville earlier this year.

Toni & Tanya at Don Pablo’s Friday Night

Toni, Roseanna & Tanya at Don Pablos

Betty Sue

Betty Sue of Salon 67 has taken care of my hair for 25 years. What a great Red Hat Sister!


Art has worked with the gals at Salon 67 for years. He deserves a medal.

Tom & Roseanna In Canada

Tom & Roseanna In Vancouver


Mike, the best teacher in DeSoto ISD

Roseanna & Kids

Roseanna, Lieu & Rookie



1. Chris - August 26, 2007

I figure unloading 2 boxes a day, you will be unpacked in about 2010 and will have room for company.

I hope you have a safe trip up to SoDakLand. I will miss you terribly as you know, and while I have avoided too much discussion or dwelling on this subject, you know I want you to be happy and follow your rainbow wherever it leads.

I wish the best and know the best will be yours. Godspeed.

Love you,

PS. Is that really the best picture you could find of us? I will work on that.

2. Opal Smith - August 27, 2007

I think that is a neat picture & i also like the one of you both in evening clothes .CLASSY .i’m sorry Chris but youv’e had her around for over 20 yrs so it has to be our turn now .You know they have planes ,trains ,cars & ships , well maybe not ships in So Dak land but you can find your way here .This is not Africa or the Sinia Desert ,I know thats spelt wrong but you know what i mean. Roseanna needs to unpack my guest bed maybe 2nd after hers & i’m not to concerned about the boxes.I think she’ll have room for company sooner than 2010 especially from Texas as I don’t think we’ll be able to get the Texan out of her .Shes been there too long . Keep in touch Love Opal

3. Chris - August 29, 2007

Opal, well, you got her! She left this morning bright and early after the traffic cleared and smoke or two. Prairiewoman is loaded up with the kids and on her way. I talked to her this afternoon and she was already in Kansas. The girl was covering some ground. I know that is tiring especially with the dogs but she will be there in time enough to put her feet up for a day or two before the big trucks arrive. Judy has everything under control here and if she gets in over her head, we’re here to bail her out.

4. prairiewoman - August 30, 2007

I was doing some hard driving to get here and I’m sure the kidz were tired of riding in their crates. They both get A+ for behavior though. They did so good. Bad time in Valentin, NE. Seems Lieu & Rookie both took walks in the sticker field and it took me some time to pull the stickers out of their hair. Little Lieu was the worst as she has that long soft white hair. Poor thing. Those are those lovely Sand Hills stickers that cling to everything & hurt a lot especially if you get them caught between your toe pads. Yikes. Its good to finally land somwhere. I will patiently await the trucks.

5. Chris - August 31, 2007

Look out for Box 1. I left a surprise in there. Ye Haw.

6. Roseanna - September 1, 2007

It had better not be dog poopie or I will overnight it back to you. 🙂

7. Chris - September 1, 2007

No, not doggy poopie.

8. Roseanna - September 2, 2007

Is it that ancient broken cookie that you and your Grandma keep mailling to each other every Christmas?

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