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Opal Report & Return From Alaska August 10, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Check the comments under Opal’s picture for an update on her condition. I think very soon she will be riding her Harley again.

Back from Alaska yesterday at 7ish followed by a short nap.  Thanks to Judy R. for babysitting the 4-legged kids.  See Chris’ blog www.ctclark.com/alaska  for the picture & video scoop on our trip.

Roseanna on ATV near Denali National Park

Roseanna near Grand Denali Lodge & Denali National Park. I now need a red Polaris ATV. Wheeeee! Dig my teal rain suit.



1. Tom - August 11, 2007

Wow, was it a terrific trip,, the 100 degree heat in Texas was a rude awakening from Alaska. We all loved every minute of the trip.

2. Chris - August 11, 2007

I wanted to get back on the plane in Seattle and go back to Alaska.

3. Roseanna - August 13, 2007

Yeah, & when my AC went out SAT and temps approached 95 degrees inside my house, I was thinking of that nice glacier cool air believe me. Thanks to Chris & Lee for taking me in until the AC got fixed yesterday. Cool.

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