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Welcome Lieu To the Renaud Household July 22, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends, LuLu, Rookie.

Lieutenant Arrowhead Clark RenaudRookie Meets Lieulieu-web-7-21-07.jpg

Lieu ( sounds like Lew) or her official name of ‘Lieutenant Arrowhead Clark Renaud’ joins big brother Rookie at the Renaud house today. Lieu is 8 weeks old, part BICHON FRIEZE & part MUTT.  It is all Chris’ fault as Chris & I went up to his ex-bosses’ home (Clark) for breakfast and there were Jinx &  Professor Shag with their 3 daughters, ‘The Shondells’. Lieu promptly climbed into my lap and refused to leave.  What could I do? So Clark, who has moved to Florida and the big time, promptly gave me the little shaggy moppet. Chris & I tossed around gal names all the way home (Vegas & Dallas were front runners) and finally came up with the a name familiar to police & the military when addressing a Lieutenant, Lieu. Imagine Rookie’s surprise upon first meeting his little sister. A snif & then a total look of disdain. Hopefully he will warm up to her. Oh yeah, and it is also Connie & Manual’s fault cause they just got two babies. And it is Uncle Junior & Gloria’s fault cause Gloria gave Uncle Junior his new little Sassy. OK, done with the blaming.  The best part is that Lieu reminds me of Mom & Dad’s old Peppy.  So Mom & Dad, now you have your part time doggie that you can see whenever you want (or babysit) when you are in Martin.



1. Jeanie Long - July 22, 2007

I love Lieu. Everyone needs a pet or two. I can see he loves you ,too.

2. Mel - July 22, 2007

lieu is too cute for words. Or maybe I’m just too tired for words… Either way congrats. And won’t it be nice to have two wagging tales waiting for you when you come home from Alaska.

3. Lieu - July 22, 2007

I’m not sure about the poodle that lives here. He sure doesn’t act glad to see me. And he really gets in a huff when I play with his pink fuzzy toy bone. What’s up with that? Lieu

4. Chris Clark - July 22, 2007

I went over to see Lieu this morning. Rookie has been a pill I hear, but Lieu us settling in well. She is really a good natured little puppy, however she told me she is less than thrilled about moving to SoDakLand.

5. Beacon - July 22, 2007

Great, I’ve been replaced.

6. opal smith - July 22, 2007

Roseanna , what have you done? ( Dads words ) You sure don’t think things over very long . She sure is loveable looking but i don’t blame Rookie for being jealous .Hes been the King of the castle & doesn’t want to give it up . Is she trained already? Im pretty excited . It should be pretty noisey when all those little rabble rousers get together . You better hurry up & get another pink fuzzy bone . I’ll have a hard time remembering all their names, Rookie,Leiu, Chance & Bear or is that right? Maybe they’ll just answer to puppy come here. Love Mom

7. opal smith - July 22, 2007

I just looked at her again. She looks so much like Peppy,makes me want to cry .must go get my kleenix .Love Mom

8. Chris Clark - July 23, 2007

Opal, that was what Roseanna was thinking when she got Lieu. She said “Mom will love her – she looks like Peppy”, and she really is a cute little dickens for sure. And, NO, Roseanna didn’t think it over at all. Are we really surprised by that????

9. Aunt Connie - July 23, 2007

Welcome Lieu!!! It’s about time we got a girl to teach these old bachelor dogs how to behave. I know you’ll keep them in line.
P.S. Tell your mom that I found out her new address in Martin:
204 1st Avenue
Martin, SD 57551

10. Roseanna - July 23, 2007

Connie: Thanks for the address verification as now the moving truck will know where to go. Of course, intersection of 73/18 is a pretty good marker. Yes, Lieu is making herself right at home and pestering Rookie to no end. They slept together in the kennel for the first time & all went well.

11. Deanna Dawn - July 24, 2007

Welcome Lieu you’re so adorable, I want a puppy 😦 (Pouts) hehe, So Aunt Roseanna when are you going to make a trip to VA to see your bestest Niece in the whole wide world?!?!?!? Hmmm???? Hmmm?????

12. Roseanna - July 24, 2007

Deanna: I’m thinking I will probably see my beautiful niece for the first time when you come to Martin in November or December as I will be a resident of Martin effective the first week of September. Can’t wait to see that little girl in person. Just remember I don’t do diapers. 🙂 I’m sure Rookie & Lieu will be glad to see you as well.

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