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Opal’s Returns Home Friday, July 20th July 17, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in Family & Friends.

Mom & Rookie Relaxing In Martin

Mom returned home today after having surgery on Tuesday. She is doing well and is in good spirits & raring to go! Send your good wishes & thoughts to my Mom by clicking on the ‘Comments’ link above her picture.



1. Roseanna & Rookie - July 17, 2007

Mom: I put up a one of my favorite pics of you with your grandpuppy Rookie. We are thinking of only you today & wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Rookie & Roseanna

2. Anna Haynes - July 17, 2007

I have been thinking of you today. I will continue to pray for you. Get well quick its summer time!!!! Hope you are dancing a little jig soon.

3. Chris Clark - July 18, 2007

Hi Opal…. I am signing in on to too many of these Get Well Soon blogs lately. I want everyone to be healthy and happy. I know you will be spiffed up and feeling good as new soon. Sometimes you just got to get stuff taken care of, but in no time you will be in Deadwood at the casino! Plus, you have to be getting better soon because I am returning yoru daughter to you soon, and you know what a handful that is — – the whole town will be talking about that “Smith Girl” and it will be a full time job for you to get rid of those Republican habits she developed through the years in Texas. You really have youu work cut out for you and you need your strength for that. Love, Chris

4. Chris Clark - July 18, 2007

Good Morning Opal, one day at a time. They will have you up and movng around in no time.

5. Roseanna - July 18, 2007

Connie called me yesterday after Dad checked in with an update. Although Mom had a little more extensive surgery than what was initially planned, she is resting well and hopefully I can track down Dad today and get an updated report. It is difficult being here when all that is going on up there.
Mom, do what the doctors say and very soon you will be tending the cactus garden at your place in Martin.

6. Roseanna - July 18, 2007

Just talked to Connie & Dad has phoned in this morning with an update. Mom is up and around this morning and sitting on the side of the bed. Her lady doctor (yeah baby) said she is doing well. Connie is headed to Rapid City to check on Mom and will phone in a report later today.

7. Jeanie Long - July 18, 2007

Hi Opal. Thanks to Roseanna, I heard about you having surgery. Well, you know you are always in my prayers and will remain there until you are all better. Thanks to all these new fangled gadgets, we are able to go on here and talk to you. Who would have even thought???Anyway, we are here if you need us for anything at all. Love Jeanie

8. Lee Clark - July 18, 2007

Hi, Opal……
I am Chris’ mom….and I’m sending get well quick wishes. My mom just had a stint in the hospital and everyone found out right away that the best thing to do is everything the doctors and nurses tell you to do. Follow their directions and you’ll be back doing all of your favorite things in no time.

9. craig - July 18, 2007

happy wednesday morning, Aunt Opal. sure hope you’re feeling better soon. in the meantime, pamper yourself a little bit and let the doctors and nurses–and Uncle Dean–take good care of you. love you, craig

10. Beacon - July 18, 2007

Hey Opal, Rookie tells me you are One Tough Gradma, so I know you are going to be up and about in no time.

11. michelle may (aka shelly kay) - July 18, 2007

helllooooo up there…..here’s to you aunt opal, heard you had some surgery so i won’t bring my book of jokes…..tee hee…..i remember it hurts to laugh too hard after surgery………i love you and will see you soon……i talked with mother and she sends hugs…..

12. Gloria - July 18, 2007

Aunt Opal,
Look around, you might see your brother Junior across the street.
Mom took dad up today to have surgery on his eye “again”.
Terry is suppose to be in charge, since I’m at USD in Vermillion in a class, but he had to get his wheat harvested– so mom is on her own. Hopefully you both will be well and back to speed so you can play “penny annie” in Martin. Get well soon!!
Love your neice Gloria Jean

13. april - July 18, 2007

I hope that you get to feeling better soon. I am thinking about you and love you very much! I hope that i can come to visit soon.

14. Chris Clark - July 18, 2007

Hi Opal, its 4:30pm here in the Lone Star State and I am just checking it to see if there were any updates. Don’t be chasing those male nurses around while Dean isn’t looking, okay?

15. Cari & David - July 19, 2007

Hey there in SD land… Those Black Hills should be glowing soon from that brilliant ray of sun to shine upon them when you are back on your feet, again. Our hopes, wishes & prayers are with you always. We’re looking forward to heading up that way for a visit once that crazy Indian is settled! You have to be settled as well. Keep your eyes set up to the skies. Take care & God bless…

Cari & David

16. Chris Clark - July 19, 2007

Good Morning Opal….. It’s a beautiful day, mostly because you are getting better every day. I know it wasn’t whatyou expected but the good news is you are doing better and will be backon your feet soon. God Bless, Chris

17. Roseanna - July 19, 2007

Good Morning All. Just talked to Mommy this morning and she was sitting up in a chair and had eaten some toast for breakfast so that is a good thing as she couldn’t eat much yesterday. She told me she sent Dad off to do his thing because it wasn’t good for him to sit around the hospital all day. Of course the pain meds made things a bit fuzzy so we had just a short chat. Connie, Glenn & Kathy as well as Mom’s sis-in-law Lois and friend Rosemary were visiting yesterday so I’m sure that made her feel a wee bit better. Talked to Dad on the telephone last night at home while he was enjoying some of Mom’s pot roast & potatoes. Mom always plans ahead and she had made him some goodies before she went in for surgery. He told me that the Doctor said Mom had come through surgery better than a lot of younger gals. Of course my Mom is one of the most youthful gals I know. One tough broad! Will keep you posted on her progress here so stay tuned.

18. Roseanna - July 19, 2007

Almost forgot to tell you. Mom said she had the most wonderful nurse last night and she was real pleased about that. Don’t have a name to go with that yet but will work on it. Always good to know someone is taking good care of your Mother.

19. Chris Clark - July 19, 2007

A nice nurse makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world, plus Opal knows here way around a hospital and knows who to be nice to. You KNOW what they do to patients who are ugly to them? They ignore their light and don’t ever fill up the ice pitcher.

20. Roseanna - July 19, 2007

I told Mom all about her blogspot and she was so tickled to hear she had good wishes & thoughts waiting for her to read. Thank you all so much for thinking of Opal. I know those folks at the hospital will keep my Mom’s ice pitcher filled and come running when she flips her light switch as I’m sure Mommy told them I still carry a gun and can run up there at a moments notice now that I am retired. Ain’t nothing scarier than a woman with a gun anyway. 🙂

21. Holly Rae - July 19, 2007

Hi Aunt Opal,
Great picture of you and Bullet! I have been thinking about since Mom called me. I am sending all my positive energy your direction. I love you and wish you well! Would you like some chocolate?
Holly Rae

22. Roseanna - July 19, 2007

Holly: And who wouldn’t like chocolate. I’m a firm believer that chocolate solves everything. Please keep an eye on my Mommy for me.

23. Chris Clark - July 20, 2007

I looked in (not through a window or anything, don’t worry) on Roseanna last night at (9:30pm and she was talking to Dean getting the low down on how your day has gone. It sounded like she was trying not to tell her Dad what to do, but she still was! It’s that cop take control thing. Anyway, we snuck out at 10:00pm, went and got an ice cream in your honor. Hope you are better today.

24. Roseanna - July 20, 2007

Yes, Chris is right as I was talking to Dad when he popped in. Dad reported in that he and Mom went for a stroll down the hallway and she was taking her turns sitting up in the chair. Holly dropped by for a visit which Mom enjoyed immensely. Brother Tim & Dad advised me that Tim and checked in from Colorado via telephone. Mom, we are all thinking of you this morning and Connie is headed up for a visit, hopefully to discover some things from the doctor.

25. ROOKIE - July 20, 2007

Grandma: My food handler advised me that you only ate 3 bites of toast for breakfast yesterday morning. Should I come up there and show you how be a chow ‘hound’? I miss your lap and the secret treats and toys stashed in your trailer.

26. Roseanna - July 20, 2007

Alert Alert. Just talked to Mom on the phone and she sounded absolutely wonderful. She said the doctor told her she had a ‘sparkle’ in her eye this morning and Mom said I should post that on the blog. I also got the full breakfast report from Mom. She had a bit of scrambled eggs, toast, part of an apple and some cranberry juice. She also reported that the doctor may release her late today but only IF she made her trip to the bathroom. You know how Doctors are. They have a thing about urination. Anyway, while I was talking to Mom, she suddenly handed the phone to Dad and headed for the bathroom. So now I can report that ‘Houston, we have lift off’. Yeah baby. So hopefully later on today, I will hear that Mom is resting at home and building her strength up. Her surgical Doctor, Fredrickson should be back in town this week and Mom will have an appointment next Monday with her if all goes as planned. Anyway, we can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

27. Chris Clark - July 20, 2007

ALRIGHT OPAL!!!! Awesome. A little prune juice, cranberry juice, and part of an apple can work wonders. I learned that from my Granny!

You will feel a whole lot better when you get home and get into your own cloths in your own house, you can sit un your own chair and sleep in your own bed, and you don’t have any tubes coming out of your body.

28. Roseanna - July 20, 2007

Yeah, and nowbody proding and poking you at all hours. Flipping on the light at 4am and going, “Hey how are we doing this morning?” Makes you just want to yell. “Well WE, aren’t doing well at all, unless you want to change places, then I will be feeling great!” 🙂 Yes, cranberry juice is a wonderful thing.

29. Roseanna - July 21, 2007

5:30 pm Mom & Dad return home! Talked to Mom after her supper and she is in great spirits, glad to be back in her own place and enjoying her own food. It was good to talk to her and hear she feels a smidge bit better than yesterday. She told me to give her grandpuppy Rookie a pat on the head and continue throwing his pink fuzzy toy squeaker bone.

30. Anna Haynes - July 21, 2007

Roseanna thank-you for posting this blog on your website! It is such a GREAT way to keep posted on things. Glenn has also been wonderful about keeping me up to date.
Opal so glad you are home! Sounds like you have been a real trooper! Keep the sparkle!!!
Much Love

31. opal smith - July 21, 2007

Well Roseanna forgot to tell me all the things i had to do to put a comment on this blog . Itried this morning till i played out & had to go to bed for a while .Chris’s blog wasn’t that hard but anyway i figured it out .THANKS everybody for thinking of me .Dean is taking excellant care of me .Now if i could just get him to clean the toilets!! Well i guess that can wait . Bless you Chris forkeeping Roseanna busy so she doesn’t run up here . I would be mad if she did .I’m waiting to see those Alaska pictures. It was nice hearing from all of you & Gloria , Dean did look for your folks but couldn’t find them .Hope their okay. Craig say hi to L OIS & thank her for all the gifts she left.Isn’t that just like her . Holly thank Fern for the card & Book she sent & i’ll call her when i get to feeling better.I wish she’d get a computer .some people are so sturborn .Runs in the family.Well its time for a rest so will find the bed. Thanks again everybody. Love OPAL

32. prairiewoman - July 22, 2007

Mom: I’m glad you found all your messages and figured out how to look at them. Everyone is so happy you are doing well and feeling a little better today. By the time I get up there in September you will dancing the hip hop.

33. Chris Clark - July 22, 2007

Hey Opal, you are up and around. That is great. We have been busy here, that is right. Lots to do to get ready for the big Alaska trip. And I have been getting ready for our HOA battle here too. You can read all about that at http://www.lowesfarmhoa.com

34. Holly Rae - July 22, 2007

Hi Aunt Opal,
So glad you are home resting and feeling comfortable. It is always so good to get to your own home. I think it is wonderful that Roseanna set up this blog to keep all of us in touch and linked to you as well. You can let us know when you are ready for visitors. I think we are a fortunate family because we all care and love one another. What a gift! Rest well. See you soon.
Love holly rae

35. Anna Haynes - July 22, 2007

Dean; Keep up the good work taking care of Opal!
Opal, play this for all its worth! There is no need to get better too fast if you know what I mean! If you wait long enough the toilets might get cleaned!!! Never Know! Hee…Hee…
Enjoy the pampering! You deserve it!
Love you Much

36. opal smith - July 22, 2007

I can’t believe Roseanna got a Bichon puppy & she looks just like our Peppy did .I wanted to chew her out but of course i couldn’t do that as i love her already . Thanks everybody for all the messages. Its fun to read them .I’m feeling a little better every day & sometimes a little crabby but Dean would say a lot crabby ‘that runs in the family to” because i can’t a lot of the things i want to.patience, i need patience .Love Opal

37. Chris Clark - July 23, 2007

Patience. You will be just perfect in another few days!

38. Judy Katz - July 23, 2007

I had heard your surgery through the grapevine, but I wanted to let you know that Roseanna’s friends down here on the DPD all prayed for a speedy recovery and hopefully everything will turn out for the good. From what I understood, it sounds like they caught it early and it was a blessing that you were going to have that day surgery at that time..as that is how it was discovered. Take care of yourself and I’m sure Roseanna and her two “kids” moving up there will make you very happy.

39. Roseanna - July 23, 2007

Judy, so nice of you to say HI when I know you are preparing for your much earned retirement. Tom & I can tell you that the water is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mom is doing better each day and rambling around the apartment. I promised to call her from the deck of the cruise ship enroute to Alaska. Judy, now is the time to explore your Doggie Day Care career. You are so good with animals, especially the 4 legged kind. 🙂

40. Deanna Dawn - July 24, 2007

Grandma, Hey So i heard of your surgery through mom, Shes always really good about keeping me up to date with everything happening in Martin and South Dakota, I am thinking of you everyday, I miss you so much, I hope everything is going a whole lot better and you’re feeling better. I had fun reading these comments on Roseanna’s page. Roseanna this is great Thank you. I have a myspace account and love it, I have pictures of Brooklyn, Cedric and I up there. Brooklyn turns 1 years old tomorrow!!!!!! Wish me luck I really wasn’t going to throw this big ol bash for a birthday party but with all the Firemen and Families and then our families it quickly got up to 50 + people. So tomorrow will be a BIG day, for Brooklyn more than me, I’ve figured out that the party probably won’t be long as Brooklyn gets worn out around so many people, but I guess if you’re going to throw a party you really gotta throw one right??!?!?!?!? Hahha Cedric turns 25 tomorrow also So yeah two birthdays in one. I miss everyone and hope to see you someday in November or December. and Grandma get well fast, I want to hear about you dancing with everyone like everyone else is saying!!!! I love you dearly and if you get to Grandpa let him know I love him so much too and even more for taking such good care of you. Miss ya’ll Love Deanna

41. opal smith - July 24, 2007

Hi everyone, more progress . I walked down the long,long—- hallway in our apartment today,twice .Guess its time to go shopping ,its been too long . If it wasn’t 102 degrees I’d probally try it.Maybe or maybe not . Sorry I can’t go to the big party but sounds like their’ll be lots there Deanna. What are you going to do for her 18th birthday party ? maybe a couple hundred people & that probally will come true. I got pictures of all of my grand puppies today & their sure cute but its just like grandkids,they have to go home with their parents . Thats the joy of grandparenting .Have a great day everyone. love Opal

42. Roseanna - July 24, 2007

Deanna: Sounds like the most wonderful party. Of course the best part is the cake. Yum. I know you will take lots of pictures. Send me a good one of you, Cedric & Brooklyn for the blog.

Mom: You go girl. And that is a longgggg hallway. Yes, you must get in shape for the shopping. Where would we be without shopping. It is in our blood. Rookie & Lieu are awaiting their Aunt Judy to babysit while Mom goes to Alaska on Thursday. Lieu is working on her housetraining with a couple of oops along the way but I think she is getting the picture that grass = potty. Lieu also did a lot better with Rookie in the kennel last night as I didn’t hear any crying. I think she feels a lot better being with him than alone in her small crate. Kids. What can you do?

43. opal smith - July 26, 2007

Yes I had to housetrain my 5 kids to but i couldn’t just send them out in the grass either HaHa .Love mom

44. Anna Haynes - July 27, 2007

Good Job Opal! Keep up the good exercise! You will be good as new in no time!
Love you

45. Roseanna - August 10, 2007

Back from Alaska yesterday morning at 7am Thursday and called the folks after a nice nap, only to discover that Mom had her first chemo treatment on Wednesday. She stayed in the hospital for one day while they loaded her up and she did well and even managed to eat half her food. She was home by 5:30pm and said she felt fine. Of course she didn’t tell me these things until after I got back from Alaska. Parents. What can you do. She is doing the walking thing with Dad and feels pretty chipper. More chemo over the next few weeks and then I think she will probably be ready for a marathon or hang gliding.

46. Anna, Loren, Carson, Loreena, Troy, & Kayla - August 11, 2007

Hope you are feeling good after your treatment! We love you and you are in our thoughts! Love you tons. We have been swimming in the pool alot here in Ainsworth NE! Troy is now swimming without his life jacket!!!! And Kayla is doing a little dog paddling! Won’t be long she will be swimming too!!! She is taking her life jacket off and swimming with Aunt Loreena. Both the kids are able to float on their backs too! Carson just got here about an hour ago! We will have lots more fun with family here, then we are headed for Virginia first thing tomorrow morning. Love you Anna

47. Opal Smith - August 15, 2007

Hi to all . Glad to be home after all that juice poured into me .Felt great for 2 days & back in the hospital again.Dehydration,Too much urping up so they fixed me up & I was home again . How I love clear liquids.Hope i never have to look at broth & jello again but you must do what you must do . Will go thru another seige tomorrow,wed. but its not supposed to be so bad . Promises by the docter not to make me sick this time . Then 2 weeks off .They really do have good medicines now .I’M thankful for that . Deans doing good , he takes orders real good .Love to all Opal

48. Roseanna - August 15, 2007

Mom, glad you like clear liquids. Wheeeeeeee. I know all will go well tomorrow so you can have steak and baked potatoe later. Dad, glad that afer 57 years you have learned to take orders. Its all good.

49. Chris Clark - August 21, 2007

Hi Opal…. I got your emssage on the Alaska blog about buying a new blender! I am ready for a Beneni.

I also posted the Salmon Dip recipe over there for you as well.

We are kicking Roseanna out of the state next week, so you will see her soon!

Love to you,

50. Opal Smith - August 22, 2007

Thanks Chris & i copied the recipe .Dean left town for a couple of days, to Martin of course & he sure needed to get away .He doesn’t realize that of course but i have some good friends that keep me entertained & we did just fine .As long as theirs a deck of cards around thats all it takes & snacks of course . I’m sure looking forward to that Texan getting back to her roots so send her on her on her way Love Opal

51. Chris - September 3, 2007

You got her! She is looking forward to seeing you this week. Best of luck with your treatment on Wed and I will check in and see how things are going later in the week. Love Chris

52. Deanna Dawn - October 11, 2007

Hey Grandma!!!!!!! So I sent you a long letter in the mail, of course it was months old but you can’t blame me as, I lost it, while I was moving and along with that I had lost my address book. No worries though I have found them both and sent your letter on its merry way, you should be receiving it soon. I sure do miss all of you, Brooklyn is doing great, getting into EVERYTHING. I am really excited to be back in school, but being in school, (Cedric and I) Both having full time jobs and Little miss Brooklyn is a handful. We’re loving it though! I got new glasses, I will have to send you a picture! We found out that that might be the reason for all those bad headaches, will be taking some more tests the end of this week. Find out what else is going on in this body of mine! I love you guys, and Grandma stay strong. Grandpa Love you too… Miss you guys I will try and write more. Hugs Deanna

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