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July 16, 2007

Posted by prairiewoman in SoDakLand Trail.

My Hometown – Bruce Springsteen – Paris 85

My Hometown



1. Roseanna2 - July 16, 2007

hey aunt roseanna what have you been up to n texas?well its diffrent here not having you n rookie around the house but guess what we got to puppys just yesterday morning they are both boys n we got them from peirre south dakota one is black n one is tan there names are bear and chance there so cute!!!!but ive been going swimming n this week is are last week of summer school:) n we had are softball barbecue today it was boring but sord of fun i cant wait tell you move back down here it was be fun!:) so how is rookie ??well you should give him a hug for him:) i miss you:( but write back ttyl


2. prairiewoman - July 16, 2007

Hey young lady. I am so glad to hear from you. I know Rookie will surely enjoy playing with his new cousins Bear & Chance. He misses playing with you a lot. How do you like my new blogspace?

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